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The release of formaldehyde about these three kinds of decoration materials has been lengthen out to 15 years!
Nov 21, 2018

The candidate for decoration is a piece of learning. In order to make the home dress beautiful, I specially put a color wall wallpaper on the wall in the living room, I am very satisfied. Before I checked in, I found a professional to test the air quality. The results showed that there was formaldehyde pollution in the home, and the professionals told me that the most release of formaldehyde was the  colored wallpaper.


Fortunately, under the careful guidance of the professionals, I applied the effective method, which eliminated the formaldehyde pollution. Therefore, as a person coming over, I hope to warn everyone through my own experience that there are a lot of formaldehyde released by some materials for decoration. If you don't want formaldehyde pollution in your home, try not to use such materials.


What materials are released from the materials during the renovation?

Material 1: Wooden cabinet

Most of the furniture such as wooden cabinets are made of artificial boards. The formaldehyde content in artificial boards is relatively high, and formaldehyde pollution will occur when released into the air. Therefore, it is best to use environmentally friendly cabinets above the E1 level.


Material 2: Carpet and other fabrics

Almost every family has carpet products such as carpets. In fact, the fabric products release a lot of formaldehyde, which is easy to cause formaldehyde pollution at home. Therefore, everyone should choose more quality fabrics when they are decorating.


Material 3: Wallpaper

Many families like me to like wallpaper as a decoration, but the colorful wallpaper is also the source of formaldehyde pollution. Therefore, we try to use environmentally friendly wallpapers, and we must not use pungent wallpaper.