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What is the purification principle of the air purifier? Is there a low noise air purifier?
Oct 11, 2018

For air purifiers, the working principle of different products is not the same. According to the working principle, the air purifier can be divided into active purging type and passive purifying type. These two different working modes occupy the majority of the market.

In addition, some manufacturers have introduced an air purifier product that combines two functions. The most common of these is the active purifying air purifier, which is usually designed with a built-in fan. The working principle is to suck indoor dirty air into the purifier, and through the built-in triple filter of the purifier, the function of filtering and adsorbing pollutants to purify the air is realized.


Typically,  this type of air purifier consists of a gelled cotton coarse filter, a  HEPA filter, and a catalytic filter three-layer filter. For the active purifying air purifier, the quality of the filter plays a key role. Therefore, when purchasing the product, you should pay more attention to the details of the filter, such as whether there are enough activated carbon particles in the filter.

Active purifying air purifiers also have the disadvantage that this type of product has noise problems due to the built-in fan. Especially when going to sleep at night, if the noise is too high, it will have a great impact on our normal sleep.

However, for this problem, air purifier manufacturers have also fully considered for everyone, many air purifiers have different air volume modes, such as providing different modes such as high, medium and low. If the user selects the low air volume mode, then the fan will run at a slower speed, and the noise will be greatly reduced. In addition, some products have also joined the sleep mode, the fan will  be completely turned off, and the noise problem will no longer exist.


For passive purifying air purifiers, there is usually no fan design, so the noise problem no longer exists. This type of product can actively release ions by actively releasing various ions, such as negative ions, photocatalysts, plasma purification groups, etc., thereby purifying the air. However, when purchasing this kind of products, everyone should pay more attention.  Due to the high technical requirements, some small brands of products will have excessive ozone emission, so try to buy big brand products.

After understanding the source of the noise, we can find many very quiet air purifiers. For example, the beidouyh air purifier.