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The new car has a taste, BDYH car air purifier helps you to solve
Jul 25, 2018

Our living standards are constantly improving, and there are more and more car owners. After buying a car happily, after picking up the car, there are more or less smells in the new car. There are several odors in the new car, mainly because the plastics used in automobiles, rubber parts, fabrics, paints, insulation materials, adhesives and other materials contain volatile components such as organic solvents, additives and additives. And many new cars, there will be more or less formaldehyde exceeding the standard, we should also know that formaldehyde is a colorless irritating gas, has a strong effect on human skin and mucous membranes, long-term in a high concentration of formaldehyde environment, will lead to Redness, throat discomfort, chest tightness, wheezing, and even severe acute poisoning or cancer. Of course, this is not the heart of the car dealers, but the current manufacturing process.


Second, it is the problem of air pollution that cannot be avoided. Although PM2.5 is only a fraction of the Earth's atmospheric composition, it has a significant impact on air quality and visibility. PM2.5 has a small particle size, is rich in toxic and harmful substances, has a long residence time in the atmosphere, and has a long transport distance, so it has a greater impact on human health and the quality of the atmospheric environment. Especially in big cities, air pollution is heavier, even if the window is closed, it will enter the car through the external circulation. At this time, is there a car air purifier just fine?

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Our products follow the traditional filteration technology while emiting the air purifying  molecules which obtained the patent for inventionthe molecules will neutralize PM2.5 particles ,sterilize the air,remove odors in the air, remove formaldehyde automatically. It is more efficient.

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Although the window is often ventilated, formaldehyde, stupid and other harmful gases have a certain purification effect, but the car air purifier can get the best purification effect, it is really necessary to start a car air purifier.

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