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The necessary of purchasing an air purifier
Sep 04, 2018

Nearly 70% of a person's life is living indoors, including homes, offices, and other public places. Because  of intensive personnel and other reasons, these indoor air is even  worse than the outside air. Especially the formaldehyde problem caused  by a large number of furniture products is very serious. If you have  pets at home, you can't see the bacteria that you can't touch and live  by your side. Let the problem of indoor pollution increase,  and this has affected people's health in the long run. Why should we  choose an air purifier to protect the health of our family?


First:  In the current furniture materials, there will be some formaldehyde in  it. Even if the country starts the spot check, it can only find the  enterprises. Some enterprises have not been drawn, and among these  pollutants, the highest It  can evaporate more than 300 kinds of poisonous air. Once it is wrapped  up, it will cause disease. In order to stay away from these pollutions  in furniture, whether it is work or life, the use of air purifiers is  the best choice.

Second:  When cooking, a lot of waste will be generated. Even with a range hood,  these things cannot be avoided. A large number of bacteria are produced  in this way, especially in many public places where people come and go.  It  will have an impact on the air, and now the air outside is inherently  polluted. A purifier is needed to solve the problem. With it, you can  breathe fresh air on every occasion.

Third:  If you can't breathe fresh air for a long time, it will affect your  body. Especially the pregnant women and children of the elderly now have  no way to compare with the young people. As long as there is a problem  in one place, the rest is left. The problems will appear one after another. This  type of people live in polluted indoors for a long time, and there will  be dizziness and sore throat. When the child's development is not  complete, they will not pay attention to air purification, and even  affect children's development for the next generation. Health, you have to buy a good air purifier to come back.

In order to protect the health of the family, air purifiers are very necessary.