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Rejecting second-hand smoke, an air purifier is fixed
Oct 24, 2018

Almost everyone knows that smoking is harmful to your health, but you can't control your own addiction, not only hurt yourself but also your family. Scientific research has shown that more than 7,000 chemical substances are produced after burning, and there are almost 70 kinds of carcinogens,  including a variety of compounds that can rapidly stimulate and damage the inner membrane of the respiratory tract.


As long as you smoke at home, it is difficult to find a safe place to enjoy yourself. Second-hand smoke will invade all corners of the house, and even left in clothes, furniture, carpets and other places, it is  difficult to eliminate, resulting in persistent health hazards. Especially for children with low immunity and developing.

In 2004, there were 603,000 deaths from second-hand smoke, of which 28% were children. If compared by weight per kilogram, children should inhale more air than adults. In this way, in the same second-hand smoke environment, children also inhale relatively more harmful gases. Second-hand smoke may also be harmful to children's mental health. The more inhaled second-hand smoke, the worse the mental health.


You can't stop smoking, and you also don't want my family's health to be harmed. Air purifiers have become a new choice for many families to improve air quality. Beidouyh BD-8302 air purifier's efficient smoke removal performance makes it a hit. The sensitive air quality sensor can detect the air quality in the room in  real time. Once there is smoke in the room, the indicator light of this  air purifier will display different colors according to the degree of pollution, and the PM2.5 value of the display will also increase. At this point, the air purifier will automatically operate in a high-end position to quickly purify indoor second-hand smoke.

BD8302 air purifier

The hearty smoking time may be very good for smokers. Some people even use "a cigarette after a meal, playing a living god" to paralyze themselves, but this may invisibly harm the friends and family around them. The harm of second-hand smoke is even greater than that of smog. The majority of second-hand smoke is the same as PM2.5, but a large number of harmful substances such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, arsenic, benzene and nitrosamines are smog. Not in the middle.

Breathing is the right that everyone should have. It is not a luxury, but a necessity for life. Although it is difficult to quit smoking, don't give up hope at any time. If you quit smoking successfully? When  you have not succeeded in quitting smoking, you should think more about your family's breathing and health and create a clean indoor environment for them.