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Is it necessary to buy an air purifier?
Aug 01, 2018

At first it was because of the air quality problems caused by smog, which was directly related to our respiratory health. As a result, the air purifier has slowly entered our lives, and people's attention to it has also increased.

A good air purifier is very effective in improving indoor air quality. Not only that, there are many air purification products on the market with various purification and sterilization technologies to make them more suitable for human needs.

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First, the house decoration pollution.

Some buildings incorporate chemical substances in construction, and some are made of radioactive materials in stone, floor tiles and ceramic tiles in underground soil and buildings. This is a colorless and odorless natural radioactive gas. The death of 14,000 people is related to sputum pollution. Decoration is also one of the indoor pollution sources, such as wood, glue, paint, etc. These building materials contain formaldehyde and benzene. They lightly cause dizziness, irritability, respiratory irritation, and severely endanger the liver and lung function of the human body and induce blood system diseases.

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Second, indoor combustion pollution.

Cooking and smoking are the main pollution of indoor burning. The composition of the fumes in the kitchen is complicated and the carcinogens are various. Although some hoods absorb most of the fumes, there are still a lot of fumes. In addition, incompletely combusted gas is also one of the sources of pollution. If someone smokes indoors, even if it only smells of smoke, the harm is no less than the high concentration of smog. The harm of second-hand smoke is not repeated. If you continue to do so, it will reduce respiratory function, increase respiratory symptoms, and cause a variety of respiratory diseases.


The soul of quality is in the heart. The nobleness of a person lies in his manners. He can show his own cultivation and taste in his hands and feet. The quality of the air purifier lies in the details. The details show the high-end image of an air purifier. Through ingenious design and meticulous attention to detail, beidouyh brings a higher quality and a more refined cleansing experience to consumers. It is believed that beidouyh will use this advantage to win more and more consumers.

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Third, daily life pollution.

The body's own metabolism and the volatile components of various domestic wastes are also a cause of indoor air pollution. People are indoors, and the body itself can discharge a large amount of pollutants through the respiratory tract, skin, and sweat glands. Through the accumulation of corners and corners, it is easy to breed various bacteria. Some pathogenic microorganisms are easily transmitted through the air, causing infection in susceptible populations; some common diseases caused by viruses and bacteria, such as influenza, SARS, measles, tuberculosis and other respiratory infections, are transmitted indoors by air.