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Is it easier to get a cold in the autumn? It's time to purchase a sterilized air purifier for your family.
Nov 07, 2018

In autumn,  the climate change is abnormal, the seasons change rapidly, and the indoor, outdoor, and indoor range of temperature are huge. The respiratory mucosa is constantly stimulated by warm and cold, and the resistance is weakened, which provides an opportunity for pathogenic microorganisms. In the high season of respiratory infections, especially when the environment is not well ventilated, the cold is more likely to spread quickly from person to person.


Especially in the family, there are some pets such as kittens and puppies. I  believe that many shovel officers who have pets at home have the following problems: going out and licking the bacteria carried by the cats and dogs can not be completely removed, when the rain is humid, the pets are wet. The unpleasant smell on the body pollutes the air in the home, the hair is everywhere in the house, and the germs that are scattered in the air can also cause respiratory infections.

In addition to causing a cold, autumn is a high season of allergic rhinitis, dust and cold air are the main factors induced. Because the symptoms of allergic rhinitis are runny nose and sneezing, many patients mistakenly treat it as a cold. In fact, the purpose of treatment of rhinitis is to eliminate the cause  and allergic factors, to achieve desensitization, swelling and  ventilation. However, for seasonal onset, it can be treated in advance to ease the condition and shorten the course of the disease.


In  patients with allergic rhinitis, follow the four principles of  “avoiding, avoiding, replacing, and shifting”, that is, avoiding  allergens, avoiding allergic foods and drugs, using other foods instead  of allergic foods, and transferring allergies. surroundings. In addition, you can take preventive treatment measures in advance to the hospital.

At  present, many air purifiers have a germicidal layer, such as the beidouyh BDYH-8308 air purifier, it can effectively inhibit and kill hundreds of germs, maintain indoor clean and sterile environment, and care for the elderly, children, pregnant women, etc. People with low immunity can effectively prevent colds.

BDYH-8308 air purifier

In autumn, the pathogens are fast-growing, and the germs spread through the air. Once infected, the virus will be transmitted to the family with great probability, causing cross-infection. The indoor air purifier can be opened in the fall to prevent health and safety.