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Intelligent air purifier maintenance method
Aug 23, 2018

Because air  pollution is very serious now, and our family now also buys air  purifiers, and smart air purifiers are a type of air purifier that many  consumers love. Today we come Everyone introduces some of the working principles of the intelligent air purifier and the precautions for use.

Intelligent air purifier

Intelligent air purifier - the principle of Yadu intelligent air purifier

Molecular  complexation locking technology This technology is aimed at the indoor  decoration pollution of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other  pollutants, the molecular complex locking, and then through the Yadu  proprietary formaldehyde trapping agent and water complex decomposition  system, respectively, formaldehyde and ammonia The  gaseous short molecular chain material is rapidly complexed and  converted into an irreversible long molecular chain solid matter, and  decomposed to form an ammonia salt.

UFCO  Technology (Super Normal Temperature Formaldehyde Catalytic Oxidation  Technology) This technology uses a metal nitrate or a soluble inorganic  salt such as a carbonate to obtain a metal oxide by oxidative  precipitation. A small amount of precious metal is  supported on the metal oxide to obtain a high formaldehyde oxidation  activity at room temperature, which can decompose formaldehyde into  carbon dioxide and water at room temperature.

Intelligent air purifier - intelligent air purifier is highly intelligent

The biggest  feature of the intelligent air purifier is the high degree of  intelligence, which makes people create a safer, more convenient and  more comfortable life. The air purifier is a device  operated by a computer or a mobile phone under the influence of the  Internet. When the user does not go home, the user can operate the  corresponding embarrassment, thereby realizing the smooth communication  of information between the family and the outside, and optimizing  people's lives. Ways to help people effectively arrange time, enhance the safety of home life, and save money for various energy costs.

Intelligent air purifier - intelligent air purifier to create a more comfortable living environment for users

The  user of the intelligent air purifier is directly connected with the  smart phone, can receive the data of the indoor sensor at a close  distance, can view the indoor air quality, and can directly adjust and  control the air volume, mode, etc. through the mobile phone, which is  convenient for people. Life, and more importantly,  users can always know their own environment, can adjust at any time and  anywhere, and enjoy the most comfortable feeling when they go home.

Intelligent air purifier

Intelligent air purifier - maintenance of intelligent air purifier

The gelled cotton can be washed with water, reused, and not used. HEPA, you can use a vacuum cleaner to absorb dust from the surface. Catalytic  activated carbon can recover the activity of activated carbon itself  after being exposed to sunlight for more than 24 hours.

Place the machine at the appropriate location for the room selected for decontamination. When placing, make sure that the bottom of the machine and the plane in contact with it are stable. Placement  should ensure that the inlet and outlet of the machine are  unobstructed, and there should be no objects obstructing the inlet and  outlet.

The  spice box attached to the spice machine is placed in the instruction  bag, and the spice box is taken out and inserted into the spice hook. When  you feel a fragrance-free release when you use it, you should open the  machine to remove the spice box and add a new solid fragrance to  reinstall the fragrance box in place.

Turn off the power when the machine is not in use or moving for a long time. Do not turn the machine on if the machine is not fully installed after maintenance or replacement of the filter. Water droplets should be prevented from entering the purifier. Do not use the purifier near water or near volatile flammable materials.

The  above is some of the situation of our intelligent air purifiers for  everyone. I hope you can refer to them. When we want to buy air  purifiers in the future, smart air purifiers are a very good type of air  purifiers. It is highly recommended that everyone buy and use it, which will definitely bring good results.