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In summer, children need clean air more than you
Aug 08, 2018

In the summer, whether it is a renovated new home, or a long-lived old house, it is time to release the formaldehyde. Formaldehyde pollution is no longer a new thing, but the harm it brings does not allow us to relax our vigilance, especially for children. It is important to know that formaldehyde pollution has become the main cause of the increase in children with leukemia. For the health of children and their families, your home needs a beidouyh air purifier with good aldehyde effect.

Because of formaldehyde, children are more and more likely to develop leukemia.

Leukemia is a disease caused by malignant tumors. For this horrible "cancer", people certainly hope to stay as far as possible. However, in fact, it may lurk around us, and more children will get it. leukemia. According to relevant reports, about 40,000 new leukemia patients are added every year in the country, 50% of which are children, which has a great relationship with environmental pollution, especially indoor air pollution. According to data from the China Environmental Protection Association, 90% of children with leukemia have recently been newly renovated. However, it is puzzling why children are more susceptible to formaldehyde.

First of all, children are in the growing season, and the body functions of the body are not yet mature, especially the children's hematopoietic system is delicate, the bone marrow metabolism is active, the resistance is poor, and, as a colorless and pungent odor gas, formaldehyde is more than air. Slightly heavy, the deposition height in the air is 1.2-1.5 meters, which is exactly the height of the child. In addition, the child spends far more time in the home than the adult, and the intake of pollutants in the air is larger than that of the adult. Formaldehyde is particularly harmful to children.

Protect children's health, you must select beidouyh air purifier

In the summer, formaldehyde began to become active. The terrible thing is that many children will stay indoors for a long time because of the hot weather. It is bound to inhale a lot of "toxic gas" in the body, and it is necessary to create a fresh breathing environment for the children. Never take it lightly. To eliminate formaldehyde pollution indoors, more and more consumers are choosing to use the beidouyh air purifier with better aldehyde effect.

Of course, for many consumers, they want to be free to master the air quality of their living environment. To this end, the beidouyh air purifier is also equipped with a high-precision air quality state three-color display, which can change the color according to the indoor pollution situation, so that you can know the air state at a glance, very convenient.

Formaldehyde pollution is ubiquitous in modern Chinese family life and modern household items. In fact, it is not only children, but even adults can not escape. It is imperative to remove formaldehyde. The beidouyh air purifier has a remarkable aldehyde removal effect, and it can display the air quality in real time, which has become a favorite of Chinese families.