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How to purify indoor air?
Oct 25, 2018

Most of the person's day is spent indoors, so the indoor air quality is very worthy of our attention. With the rapid development of the economy, the environment has also been severely damaged, and the air has become turbid. If it is long-term breathing, these unhealthy gases are likely to cause respiratory diseases. Therefore, our indoor air must be kept at the standard level, so how should we solve this problem?


Frequent window ventilation, to maintain the natural flow of indoor air, you must often open the window to breathe, the best window opening time is 9:00 ~  ll: 00 or 14:00 ~ 16:00, because the temperature during these two periods Already elevated, the harmful gases deposited on the bottom of the atmosphere have dissipated. When cooking, you should open the kitchen window and let the smell dissipate as quickly as possible.


Green plants, many green plants can play the role of purifying the air, green radish is the ideal home air purifier, easy to grow and very cheap,  every square meter of green radish leaves can remove 0.59 mg of formaldehyde, 2.48 mg of ammonia. Aloe vera absorbs odors in the air and has the ability to absorb radiation. Under 24 hours of illumination, aloe vera can eliminate 90% of the formaldehyde contained in 1 cubic meter of air.


Every day, garbage is removed indoors, especially food waste. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will breed bacteria. The toilet is also a place where bacteria can easily breed. Because the ventilation is damp, the bathroom should be cleaned every day and ventilated.