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How to prevent pneumonia in children? The requirements are not small, although the world is small.
Oct 26, 2018

I vaguely remember that when I was a child, my parents often smiled around me, just like holding a treasure in my hand. When I grow up, I know that this full happiness may only be understood by parents.

Once  I was sick in the middle of the night, my fever was very bad, and I  still coughed. My mother was anxious to cry: "What to do, what to do." I  was afraid that my road would be hot, and my father rushed to the  doctor overnight. At that time, the doctor fell asleep. Ok, but I still invited the doctor. Now I want to come, I feel that my parents are not easy, I can do everything for me.

For  the first time parents, there is almost no experience in parenting.  Even if you buy a lot of related books, there will be many problems.


The baby's resistance is low, it is easy to get sick, pneumonia is a common type of baby's disease. Once  you have pneumonia, it takes a long time to regulate your body. Not  only is your baby uncomfortable, but your family will also be very hard.  Under normal circumstances, the symptoms of a child will not be  particularly obvious after suffering from pneumonia. There may be a  slight cough or no cough at all. Therefore, parents should take measures to prevent the occurrence of baby pneumonia.

Ways to prevent baby pneumonia:

1. Slow heat reduction

Do  not put the sweaty child in the air at the mouth, and do not let the  child quickly drink cold drinks and other foods, which will make the  child's open sweat pores close quickly, causing imbalance in the body  and causing respiratory infections.

The  correct way to do this is: When the child is already sweating, don't  take off the clothes immediately. Let the child calm down, dry the  sweat, and wait until the child is no longer sweaty, take off a piece of  clothing, and then let the child play.

2. timely increase or decrease clothing

Although  children do not have the cold resistance of adults, they are mostly in  sports. Even if they are asleep, they will not be quiet, so it is just  like wearing them with adults. Mother  should increase or decrease the baby's clothes according to the  temperature change, and do not let the baby suddenly come to the cold  air in the case of sweating.

3. away from the source of the disease

Avoid contact with patients with respiratory infections as much as possible. In  the season of epidemic disease, you should bring your baby to the door,  and try not to go to the public place. If you have a cold in your  family, you should reduce your contact with your baby.

4. often drink warm water

You  can let your child drink warm water, which will not only prevent colds,  but more importantly, it will be beneficial to the child's  gastrointestinal tract and lungs.

5. eliminate the pathogen

Everyone  knows that there are many fine particles, toxic gases and harmful germs  in the air. It is easy to breathe into the lungs, and the baby's  physical resistance is not very strong. It is very susceptible to  infection and causes lesions, so we must give the baby A safe and comfortable space. Install an air purifier at home to completely eliminate the hidden dangers in the air.