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How to get air conditioners in summer?
Jul 30, 2018

We all said that the summer life is given by air conditioning! Nothing is better than watching watermelon in an air-conditioned room.


Air conditioning, as a great invention, does bring a lot of convenience to people's lives. But bringing convenience will also cause some harm. Air-conditioned rooms are highly sealed, indoor and outdoor air can not be exchanged, indoor air, bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms are easy to breed and breed, and the air quality is low. This situation is too long, it is easy to reduce the body's own immune function, and is also susceptible to bacterial infection sick.

At this time, an air purifier is necessary. It is perfect for solving bacteria and pollutants floating in indoor air.Next, I will introduce two easy-to-use air purifiers for everyone.


BDYH-8302 Household air purifier

This product is composed of long-lasting antibacterial formaldehyde-scavenging deodorizer host and professional testing extension of inferior PM2.5, formaldehyde, temperature and humidity.

air purifier household.png 

Testing extension could work with host together. At the same time, it could also work separately in testing interior environment.


BDYH-8301 Smart robot Air Purifier

The product is an all-intelligent robot that can exercise independently without any interference, identify the indoor available peth, furniture and door distribution, and inspect the indoor air quality of each room one by one.When it detects formaldehyde, smoke, odor, PM2.5 and other indicators in the air exceeded, it will automatically turn on the air purification function to release the efficient fresh preparations. Product has built-in camera, can remote control equipments to achieve video surveillance for each room. Products has built-in WIFI, formaldehyde/ PM2.5/ temperature and humidity sensors, can remote operation via mobile APP, are applicable to all types of large conference rooms, event venues, large apartments, villas and other occasions.

intelligent air purifier.png