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How to determine the indoor air pollution?
Sep 21, 2018

Indoor air  pollution can affect people's health. Residents can judge whether there  is indoor air pollution in their living room through some daily  reactions. If the following reactions occur in people or living things  in your home, you may need to control air pollution in your home.


1.  The newly renovated room or the new home purchased has irritating odors  such as glare and pungent, and the smell is not lost for more than one  year.

2. When I wake up every morning, I feel depressed, sick, and even dizzy.

3. Family members are often prone to catch a cold.

4.  Although I don't smoke, I rarely touch the smoking environment, but I  often feel that my throat is uncomfortable, I have a foreign body  sensation, and my breathing is not smooth.

5. Children at home often cough, sneeze, and their immunity declines. Newly renovated houses are reluctant to go home.


6. The family has a disease, and after leaving the environment, the symptoms change and improve.

7. There is a group of skin allergies and other problems in the family.

8. Newlyweds are not pregnant for a long time and cannot find out the reasons.

9. Under normal circumstances, pregnant women find fetal malformations.

10.  After the new move or new decoration, the indoor plants are not easy to  survive, the leaves are prone to yellowing and withering, especially  some plants with strong vitality are difficult to grow normally.

11.  After moving, the domestic pet cats, dogs and even tropical fish are  inexplicably dead, and similar situations appear in the neighbors.