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How to choose and maintain the air purifier?
Jul 23, 2018

Domestic  industrial pollution, automobile exhaust emissions are becoming more and  more serious, and smog is becoming more and more serious. It is thought  that hiding at home can avoid pollution. In fact, indoor air pollution  is also serious and cannot be ignored. Today, I will bring you air purifier selection and cleaning skills to learn about it.

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Air purifier picking and cleaning tips

1. Select the air purifier according to the size of the space. If  you are in a large area, the air purifier should be selected as large  as possible. This can be judged and selected through product  introduction.

2. Consider the safety of the air purifier. The air purifier's casing, movement and purification technology are related to the safety of the air purifier. Purification techniques are best like positive and negative ions in nature.

3. Pay attention to the principle of the air purifier. The  purification principle mainly includes: physical mode, electrostatic  mode, chemical mode, negative ion mode and composite mode. In general, the purification effect using multiple purification principles at the same time will be even better.

4, the life of the air purifier and the convenience of maintenance. In  order to prolong the service life of the air purifier, when purchasing  an air purifier, try to select a purifying filter with a regenerative  function.

Air purifier picking and cleaning tips

Air  purifiers, like water purifiers, require regular cleaning, some need to  be replaced with filters, and they are used to maintain their  purification. The maintenance and maintenance of the air purifier depends on different brands and different types of air purifiers.

The  dust filter or dust collecting plate in the air purifier should be  cleaned frequently. It is usually cleaned once a week. The foam or plate  is washed with soap and dried before use to keep the airflow smooth and  hygienic. When there  is a lot of dust on the fan and the electrode, it must be removed, and  it is usually maintained once every six months. Use a long brush to remove dust from each electrode and wind blade. When the air purifier is not in use, it should be cleaned and put into the box and stored in a ventilated and dry place. Attention should be paid to moisture protection to avoid the use efficiency or damage due to moisture.

People  basically sleep about 8 hours a day. In addition to going to work, the  time spent at home is more than 10 hours. Choose an air purifier to  create a comfortable home environment for yourself and your family, and  stay healthy.

The above is the air purifier selection and cleaning technique that I bring, I hope to help you.