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How to choose an air purifier?
Aug 02, 2018

In the versatile market of air purifiers, major brands are on the rise, always making consumers uncertain. Fortunately, the new national standard has eliminated many false and inferior brands, but the reservations are not necessarily high-quality, perhaps just just passing. In order to let everyone more objective and rational purchase of air purifiers, through the new national standard "three high and one low" of air purifiers, teach you how to choose a cost-effective air purifier.

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Step 1: look at the CADR value.

An air conditioner needs to see its cooling effect, and an air purifier also needs to see its purification effect. When we buy, it is best to choose the appropriate CADR value according to the room space. If the CADR value is too small, the room will not be effectively cleaned. If it is too high, although the purification speed is increased, the price will be too high, which is a bit wasteful.


Step 2: Look at the CCM value.

After we use it for a period of time, the pollutants adsorbed by the filter need to be replaced in time, and how much pollutant can be adsorbed in the filter. This cumulative purification amount is the CCM value. This value is also very important, it can effectively reduce our cost of use, and continue to purify the air for a longer period of time. Efficient composite screens continue to work longer while ensuring purification efficiency.


Step 3: look at purification energy efficiency.

We hope that it will save more electricity for any kind of household appliances, so that we can use it with confidence. Air purifiers often need to be continuously opened like a refrigerator, because external pollutants will continue to infiltrate and the internal formaldehyde will always diverge. If such an air purifier is not enough to save electricity, the high electricity cost will cause a great cost of use.


Step 4: Look at the noise level.

At the end of the product, the product still has to fall on the user's experience. While ensuring outstanding purification efficiency, we also need to see the actual running mute effect. Especially when used in the bedroom, this is only a quiet air purifier to ensure a sweet sleep.Most people do not pay much attention to the noise level when they purchase. In fact, due to the large wind resistance of air purifiers, many brands that are not mature enough to pursue high CADR and CCM have caused great noise.