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Frightened by formaldehyde exceeding the standard? In fact, TVOC is more scary.
Oct 22, 2018

As a large-scale decoration polluter who has been seized in the C position,  although TVOC is not as popular as formaldehyde, it does not fall to the health hazard of the human body. As one of the three giants of indoor new home decoration pollution, TVOC is more than 0.3 milligrams per cubic meter begun to affect human health.


To say more about the dangers of formaldehyde, it should be time to show the true strength of TVOC. The six major TVOCs composed of alkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons, alkenes, halogens, esters, aldehydes, etc., besieged the bright top, and the damage to human eyes, skin, nose, lungs, liver, kidney, blood, brain and nervous system can be described as human body. The hazards are all well versed. It is irritating, uncomfortable, and pathogenic and carcinogenic.

Although the renovation of the new home will generate a large number of TVOCs,  it cannot be said that there is no TVOC in our home without decoration. It will float like every ghost in every corner of the room. Cosmetics, detergents, fresheners in the workplace; office inks, printers; kitchen fumes, gas; and even human excretions contain the volatilization of TVOC (It is so unexpected).

Since it is so terrible, let's talk about how to defeat the enemy.

The first trick: damage stop loss. TVOC is basically hard to be killed in the cradle, because it will exist in all aspects of life, since the devil was born, then stop loss. The decoration of the new house is simple, the room furniture is less, the electrical quality is high-grade... The TVOC volatilization is reduced from the source.

The second measure: put the tiger back to the mountain. Since TVOC is going to volatilize, then we will divert it. The room is often ventilated to spread harmful gases. No wind? Then turn on the electric fan, speed up the air flow, take a trip to the mountain, and send it a ride.

The third measure: killing people by knife. Huashan on the sword front PK, directly eliminate it. However,  we also need a soldier in the hand - Senchen S80 air purifier, TVOC  removal rate is as high as 97%, formaldehyde, ammonia and other  decoration pollution is also as high as 98.5% and 96%, effectively  purifying harmful gases, one hit wins .

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As for some other tricks, it is not a poor effect, or there are many restrictions. Basically, it is not recommended for TVOC. There are children, pregnant women, the elderly, respiratory diseases and  other people in the family, especially need to pay attention to indoor harmful gases to the body, these three tricks will be used quickly.