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Efficient removal of formaldehyde
Aug 21, 2018

Although it has been established last week, the power of the autumn tiger has not diminished, and there is no sign of a decline in high temperatures throughout the country. The continuous high temperature makes people stay indoors for a long time. However, invisible threats are hidden in the indoor air. For example, harmful substances such as formaldehyde and toluene are difficult to prevent, but they are very harmful.


The concentration of formaldehyde in indoor air is related to the following four factors: indoor temperature, indoor relative humidity, loading of indoor materials (ie, surface area of formaldehyde emission material per cubic meter of indoor space), and indoor air circulation. It will increase the intensity of formaldehyde emission under high temperature, high humidity, negative pressure and high load conditions.


When formaldehyde reaches a certain concentration, it will cause harm to the human body. When the concentration of formaldehyde reaches 0.06-0.07mg/m3 per cubic meter of air, children will have mild asthma; when the formaldehyde in indoor air reaches 0.1mg/m3, there will be odor and discomfort; formaldehyde will reach 0.5mg/m3. When it can irritate the eyes and cause tears; formaldehyde reaches 0.6mg/m3, which can cause throat discomfort or pain. Higher concentrations can cause nausea and vomiting, cough and chest tightness, wheezing and even pulmonary edema.


It is foreseeable that the hot weather will continue for a long time. Especially in the summer is not over, families with children should pay special attention to indoor air health, add one or more air purifiers to the home, remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde and toluene, so that you can breathe quickly in high temperature days.