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Directions for use: Air purifiers should be used like this!
Sep 17, 2018

Air  purifiers are not only a necessity for many families who pursue quality of life. With the gradual improvement of people's health awareness, air purifiers are also a healthy choice for many families. Nowadays,  air purifiers are becoming more and more popular, but many people still  do not use air purifiers, resulting in the maximum effect of the air purifier. Here I has compiled the three most common problems and hopes to help everyone.


Is it useful to let the air purifier open 24 hours a day? Is there any side effect in continuous opening?

In  theory, all appliances can operate 24 hours a day, but the appliance  has a certain service life. This indicator is calculated based on time. The  air purifier works uninterrupted for a long time, and the loss of the  filter material is large. For example, the material that can be used for  one year is replaced in only half a year or three months.

It is best to use the machine when you are using it, and turn it off when there is no one. For  example, if you have children, elderly people, etc. who are at home for  a long time and sleep at night, you need to turn on the air purifier to  be useful.

Is it more useful to get the air purifier closer to sleep?

From  the aspect of decontamination, the concentration of pollutants near the  outlet of the purifier is lower, but too close to the air, the noise is  large, the room is not large, and the distance from the air purifier  has little effect on the use effect. The  air purifier works as far as possible from the person, mainly because  it will adsorb pollutants in the air around the purifier.

Is the air purifier more useful than the larger the air volume?

According  to the professional point of view, the air volume is only one of the  parameters of the air purifier. It is not useful for the larger the air  volume. The performance criterion of the air purifier is CADR (clean air  volume) = air volume * the purification efficiency of the purifier. The purifier effect is mainly affected by the amount of air output and the single pass removal efficiency of the pollutant. When the indoor pollutant concentration is high, a large amount of air can be opened.

Generally, the air volume is reduced, the CADR is reduced, and the purification effect is deteriorated. If  the noise level is high, after the indoor pollutant concentration is  lowered, adjust to the medium and low air volume to reduce the noise.