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China's first dark matter detection satellite Wukong launch success
Feb 15, 2017

China 's first dark matter particle detection satellite "Wukong" successful launch

At 17:12 on December 17, China in the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center with the Long March II Ding carrier rocket successfully dark matter particles detection satellite "Goku" launch, the satellite smoothly into the scheduled transfer orbit. The success of the launch mission marks an important step in China's space science research. "Goku" dark matter particle detection satellite is the Chinese Academy of Sciences space science strategic pilot technology in the first batch of four scientific experimental satellite developed one, there are three for the practice of the 10th return of scientific test satellites, quantum science experimental satellite and Hard X - ray telescope satellite.

It is reported that "Goku" is the world's observation range of the widest range, the best energy resolution dark matter particle detection satellite. This marks the Chinese space science research has entered a comprehensive exploration stage.