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Can an air purifier remove formaldehyde?
Jul 26, 2018

In newly renovated homes, air pollution is a non-negligible thing. In addition to the smell of paint and wood, formaldehyde is one of the most in need of defense.

How to remove formaldehyde? The folk method of removing formaldehyde can be said to be varied, grapefruit skin, activated carbon, and a house plant.... Although there are various methods, when it comes to effective removal of formaldehyde, it can only be said that the effect is not significant. We all know that window ventilation is one of the best ways to remove formaldehyde, but under the current outdoor air quality, I am afraid of internal and external problems.

Because of this, many people are eyeing the air purifier, because most of its product promotion has the function of cleaning formaldehyde, can the air purifier remove formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde can be continuously distributed for more than ten years

The main hazard of formaldehyde is the stimulating effect on the skin and mucous membranes. When formaldehyde reaches a certain concentration in the room, people have discomfort. A concentration of formaldehyde greater than 0.08 m3 can cause redness, itchy eyes, sore throat or pain, hoarseness, sneezing, chest tightness, wheezing, dermatitis, etc. Long-term exposure to high concentrations of formaldehyde may even cause cancer and leukemia. The newly renovated rooms have a high formaldehyde content and are the main cause of many diseases.


The hidden dangers caused by formaldehyde are great, so people will try their best to remove formaldehyde and protect their families from it. Then air purifiers generally have the function of cleaning up formaldehyde. Only one machine can remove formaldehyde from home, so it is free from formaldehyde.

In addition to formaldehyde is a long-term battle

Empty net can remove formaldehyde, mainly relying on the activated carbon component in the filter to decompose formaldehyde. It is a long-lasting battle against indoor formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a harmful gas that continuously volatilizes all the time. The air purifier has to maintain a long-term stable state to ensure the effect of removing formaldehyde. However, the life of an air purifier filter is depleted in addition to the concentration of gaseous contaminants and due to environmental and time issues.

air purifier filter.png

At present, many empty net products have been networked, and the life of the filter can be displayed in the mobile APP. Formaldehyde pollution is different from ordinary gas pollution. If the filter element fails, no one will find it, and the consequences are very serious. Therefore, in the case of constantly paying attention to the life of the filter element, timely replacement, and turning the machine on at all times, the empty net can suppress the concentration of formaldehyde.