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Beidouyh Air purifier removes formaldehyde efficiently to care everyone's breath
Nov 06, 2018

Some time ago, a mother wrote "My Anti-Alcohol Diary" caused a lot of people's attention. The child caused a leukemia-like symptom caused by formaldehyde pollution,  causing a false alarm for the whole family. The mothers summarized the experience and methods of anti-formaldehyde seriously.


First, even after a series of formaldehyde removal measures were carried out after the renovation, formaldehyde pollution still exceeded the national  standard after the stay.

Newly decorated houses are prone to formaldehyde because formaldehyde is mainly derived from the  glue in composite wood building materials. The glue in the composite wood building material is generally used in the deep place of the artificial board, and the volatilization rate of formaldehyde is  slow. After more than a decade, it is very common for formaldehyde to remain volatile.


At the same time, the volatilization of formaldehyde in the first three years after the renovation of the new house is the fastest, and the higher the indoor temperature, the more volatile the formaldehyde volatilizes. This explains why the summer is the high time of formaldehyde poisoning, the  volatilization of formaldehyde is more, the ventilation and taste are reduced, indoor Formaldehyde pollution will inevitably increase.

Second, the green vegetation such as green radish and peel proved that the aldehyde could not be effectively removed. The activated carbon had a certain formaldehyde adsorption effect in the early stage and completely failed over a certain period of time.


Aloe vera, green radish, grapefruit peel, and dried tea leaves have been passed the hottest aldehyde remedies. After many tests, there is no aldehyde removal effect, but many people still put these green plants in the renovated house, except Psychological comfort has no effect.

Activated carbon is a bit more advanced than green plants in many people's eyes,  but experiments have shown that it does not have an effective aldehyde removal effect. The main reason is that the activated carbon absorbs saturation, the contact area is limited, and the adsorption speed is slow.

Third,  window ventilation is the main method of removing formaldehyde. When closing doors and windows, it must be combined with air purifier to further remove formaldehyde.

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