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Bedroom air purifier, sleep deeper and better
Oct 08, 2018

People spend most of their time indoors, and at least they spend more than a third of their time in the bedroom. Therefore, the air quality of the bedroom plays a very important role in promoting health. In  the process of sleep, our body is also a kind of metabolism, which will  produce a large amount of chemical substances, totaling more than 500  kinds, of which 149 kinds are discharged from the respiratory tract,  such as carbon dioxide and ammonia.


When  two people sleep in a 10 square meter room with doors and windows  closed, after 2 hours, the test will find that the carbon dioxide in the  room has increased by about 3 times, and the nighttime, the carbon  dioxide solubility has increased by more than 6 times. The  longer the door and window are closed, the higher the concentration of  pollutants such as carbon dioxide in the room, and people will feel  problems such as depression, nausea, sore throat, dry mouth, and stuffy  nose.


The  air purifier gives us a good choice to help us clean up the various air  pollutants in the bedroom. How to put the air purifier in the bedroom?

1. A place with a lower position. For  the general home environment, bacteria and dust are easily deposited in  lower-position areas, and the air purifier will have a lower filtration  effect, and it is better to leave a space of about 1 meter.

2. Close to the location of the air conditioner. If  air conditioning is turned on in your bedroom, it is recommended to  place the air purifier near the air conditioner, and bring the air inlet  close to the air conditioner, and the air outlet is away from the air  conditioner. Because  the air of the air conditioner enters from the outside, the air  conditioner does not have any special air handling device. We can close  the air inlet to the air conditioner, and the air that is blown into the  room for air purification is better to discharge into the room.

3. Location where air circulation is not smooth. In  fact, many households have good ventilation in the window, and the air  purifier and the window ventilation will work better together, which is  more conducive to the circulation of indoor air. For  a position where the air circulation is relatively smooth, ventilation  through the window can effectively reduce indoor air pollution. Airflow  can be circulated in places where air circulation is poor, so that  harmful gases can be removed from all locations in the room.