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BDYH Air Purifier - Analytical the removal of formaldehyde
Aug 06, 2018

90% of children with leukemia are related to formaldehyde; 40% of new cancer patients are related to formaldehyde; 70% of pregnant women have fetal malformations related to formaldehyde... See these shocking figures, do you hate formaldehyde more? Formaldehyde, colorless and irritating, very "killing", it hides in every corner of the home, the elderly, children, pregnant women, and even young adults, will unconsciously take action. How to get rid of the awful formaldehyde? BDYH Air Purifier equipped with a high-efficiency composite filter, it can easily remove formaldehyde and solve your urgent needs.


To eliminate formaldehyde, we must first know the "previous life and life" of formaldehyde.

The chemical formula of formaldehyde is CH2O, which is a colorless, water-soluble irritating toxic gas. The formaldehyde in the air can be absorbed by the body through the respiratory tract, which is harmful to health. Moreover, formaldehyde is the most popular for high temperature weather. For every 1 degree increase in temperature, the formaldehyde concentration increases by 0.15-0.37 times. When the indoor temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, the formaldehyde emission is the highest. So how does formaldehyde come about in our daily lives?

BDYH air purifier points out that newly renovated houses, artificial boards, decorative materials, building materials, furniture, sofas, wall paints, paints and a large number of adhesives are the main sources of indoor formaldehyde. In addition, daily necessities, disinfectants, textiles, cosmetics and even the clothes we wear contain formaldehyde. 100 cm2 of plywood released about (3-18) ug of formaldehyde in about 1 hour. What makes people tremble is that the release period of formaldehyde in the room is generally 3-15 years.


In addition to the aldehyde attack, do these strategies work?

The long volatilization period, the love of high temperature, and the high toxicity are the three characteristics of formaldehyde. In order to protect the health of themselves and their families, people have also started to fight against aldehydes and swear to eliminate formaldehyde. Among them, the most common method is to use grapefruit skin, green plant, aldehyde removal agent, activated carbon and window ventilation. Can these methods really solve the problem of indoor formaldehyde exceeding the standard? Facts have proved that the "old method" has limited effect, and "the symptoms are not cured."

BDYH air purifier believes that the use of grapefruit skin in addition to aldehyde, the essence is odor masking, using the aroma of grapefruit skin to cover up the smell of formaldehyde pungent, this is just "covering the bell", "self-deception"; placed green radish, aloe Green plants such as Huweilan, the amount of formaldehyde absorbed is poor, and the time required is long, and the effect is also very small; except for aldehydes and activated carbon, the effect is also difficult to guarantee, and it will cause secondary pollution; even the most "economical" Ventilation of the windows, there is also the risk of introducing other pollutants outside. It can be seen that the aldehyde is not as simple as imagined.


BDYH air purifier, efficient removal of aldehyde soeasy.

The traditional air purifiers, no matter what filtration technology is used, should take in the foul air to the device firstly, then blow out the filtered air, so in the place where is far from the device, or with poor air circulation, the air purifier efficiency is low. Our products follow the traditional filtration technology while emiting the air purifying molecules which obtained the patent for invention. Our preparation can spread to all corners of the room initiatively, the molecules will neutralize PM2.5 particles, sterilize the air, remove odors in the air, remove formaldehyde automatically. It is more efficient.


The harm of formaldehyde is obvious to all, and it is difficult to read the book. We must recognize the true face of formaldehyde and make it "targeted". Only in this way will it become the "white" in life. BDYH air purifier is not ambiguous except formaldehyde, which is a reliable and healthy breathing space for you.