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Are you still worried about going out in a smoggy day? Don't panic, come and learn these tips.
Nov 22, 2018

Unwittingly, winter is coming. In addition to the cold weather in winter, I feel that some areas are prone to haze in winter, especially those places with more serious pollution. There are a lot of small  partners who can't distinguish between foggy weather and smoggy weather. Then I can tell you that the biggest difference between the two weathers is that foggy days are harmless to our body, but smoggy days are harmful to our body.

So how do you protect yourself in the smoggy days? Let's explore it below.

First: Minimize unnecessary outdoor activities. In the smog weather, the outdoor air quality is relatively poor compared to usual, and the particles in the air will increase. If we are outdoors for a long time, the particles in the air will be in the case we don't  know. Then enter our respiratory tract.


The particles that enter are slowly getting more and deposited in our respiratory tract, and over time we are more likely to contract respiratory diseases. Therefore, I suggested that we can minimize unnecessary outdoor activities during the foggy days. Some people work units or schools are close to home. They can usually be reached by bicycle. In the smoggy weather, we can temporarily  change the way of travel, and when the weather gets better, we can return to the way as normal.

Second: wear a mask. In the smog weather, there are many pollutants in the air. In order to prevent particulate matter from entering our body, I recommend that you wear a mask when you go out. The choice of wearing a mask is also crucial. It is recommended that you choose a good filter mask and try not to wear a disposable mask.


In this way, through the filtration of the filter mask, the amount of particulate matter in the air entering our body will be reduced, thereby achieving a role in protecting one's health. Here, I have to say a few words, the kind of disposable mask that we saw on the market, its filtering effect is insignificant. When you need to buy a special mask for the fog, you can go to the store to buy.

Third: diet attention. The diet of a haze day also needs a certain change. When you are in the haze, you can choose to eat some light food that is easy to digest. Eat more fruits or vegetables can effectively supplement the body's vitamins, such as: apples, oranges, cabbage, etc., thereby enhancing the body's immunity, effectively resisting the invasion of the virus. Eat more lung food, such as pears, pig blood and so on. Drink plenty of water in your daily life to ensure adequate water.


The haze is a season of frequent illness, I advise everyone to take good care of the cold.

Fourth: Install an air purifier at home (according to the individual's economic situation). If the economic conditions at home allowes, I recommends that everyone install an air purifier at home, especially in small cities with more polluted cities. In the smog weather, at home, we can close the doors and windows and wait for the smog to dissipate before opening.

BDYH-8308 air purifier

The installation of an air purifier not only can purify the air in the smog weather, but also effectively purify the air in the home. The quality of the air is guaranteed, and our chances of catching a cold are greatly reduced.

Fifth: Pay attention to protecting our environment. According to reports, the cities with more haze weather every year have more serious pollution.

In order to create a healthy environment for ourselves, we must always pay attention to protecting the environment. Those with more serious pollution can establish a complete wastewater exhaust system. We can also protect the environment in small things in our lives, such as do not littering garbage, burning garbage in a leaky environment.

The haze weather will not only threaten the health of each of us, but the smog weather also sounds an alarm for our environment, so for our own health,  everyone should take protective measures in the smog weather.