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Air Purifiers for the Formaldehyde Removal
Jul 19, 2018

In the hot weather conditions in summer, formaldehyde becomes abnormally active indoors. Formaldehyde  is a colorless but irritating odor. Formaldehyde is prone to  volatilization in high temperature. If the formaldehyde in the room is  not released in time, the concentration of formaldehyde in the room is  easily exceeded. Therefore, in the summer, if the home is renovated, the family must pay attention to the removal of formaldehyde in the room.

In 2004, formaldehyde was raised by the global WHO as a primary carcinogen, and the damage to health was immeasurable. At present, data tests have shown that formaldehyde is the main cause of childhood leukemia patients. In  the face of strong childhood leukemia, many children can effectively  avoid it. The key is whether parents can do indoor formaldehyde  protection. We often see some kindergartens and  primary schools not undergoing formaldehyde treatment in time to cause  cough, dizziness, chest tightness, vomiting, etc., so no matter what the  situation, indoor formaldehyde can ensure the health of the elderly and  children.


So how do you get rid of formaldehyde in indoor rooms and annihilate formaldehyde in hot weather? Compared to those ancient cleaning methods, air purifiers remove formaldehyde more quickly and more effectively. A quality air purifier is the best choice for every parent to protect their children at home.

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BDYH-8103 room air purifier

The traditional air purifiers,no matter what filteration technology is used,should take in the foul air to the device firstly, then blow out the filtered air, so in the place where is far from the device, or with poor air circulation,the air purification efficiency is low。

BEIDOUYH air purifier  follow the traditional filteration technology while emiting the air purifying  molecules which obtained the patent for invention,the molecules will neutralize PM2.5 particles ,sterilize the air,remove odors in the air, remove formaldehyde automatically. It is more efficient.

The Sterilization technique from hospital is efficient,compare to the traditional air purifiers adopt the filteration technology,like the gap between professional and amateur.

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