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Air Purifier Selection Guide: How to avoid the misunderstanding when purchasing air purifiers?
Sep 19, 2018

Air  purifiers are increasingly becoming an indispensable appliance in home  life, especially in the summer formaldehyde evaporation season, autumn  and winter smog seasons, air purifiers selling out of stock phenomenon. However,  because of the numerous brands of air purifiers, different purification  principles, and difficult to visually evaluate the purification effect,  many consumers are easily caught in the misunderstanding of air  purifiers. So, what are the mistakes in the purchase of air purifiers? How do consumers avoid these misunderstandings in their daily lives?

Mistakes 1 in the purchase of air purifiers: the pursuit of brand awareness ignores product technology expertise

Many  consumers tend to choose well-known brands when purchasing products.  The higher the brand awareness, the more secure the product quality. It  is undeniable that the well-known brands have larger scale and stronger  economic strength, but they do not mean all their products. They are all in the forefront of similar products. Statistics show that the air purifiers produced by traditional home appliance companies are mainly filter-type air purifiers. The  filter-type air purifier purifies the indoor air in the mode of fan  exhaust + filter filtering, and the purification effect is not ideal. Consumers  may choose to focus on the development and production of air  purification products and products when purchasing air purifiers.


Mistake 2 in air purifier purchase: Ignore post-maintenance costs

Under  normal circumstances, when consumers purchase air purifiers, the sales  staff will not introduce the late maintenance cost of the product too  much, or understate the burden, or face the consumer's inquiry. According  to the survey, over 30% of users do not know that the air purifier  filter needs to be replaced regularly. The main reasons why 54.1% of  users cannot replace the air purifier filter regularly are high price,  inconvenient replacement and no need to replace it regularly. The  air purifier filter needs to be replaced regularly. Once the  replacement is not timely, not only the purification efficiency and  purification effect are not guaranteed, but also secondary pollution may  be caused.


Mistake 3 in the purchase of air purifiers: the lack of verification spirit

Whether  the picture quality of the TV is clear or not can be seen at a glance.  The cooling effect of the air conditioner can be felt within 1 minute  after the air conditioner is turned on, but how to verify the  purification effect of the air purifier is indeed a problem that is  annoying to consumers. In  the face of a dazzling array of air purifier products, watching the  hype of hype, consumers can easily buy a product that looks "good" and  has a very general effect. Therefore,  in the selection of air purifiers, we must look for the formal test  report of the authoritative third-party testing agency.

Mistake 4 in the purchase of air purifiers: heavy appearance and light effect

Many consumers tend to choose beautiful products when choosing an air purifier. It  is not inappropriate to choose a product with a high "value" in the two  air purifiers with comparable performance. However, if one-sided  pursuit of appearance and neglect of the requirements for product  purification is not worth the loss.

When  purchasing an air purifier, what do consumers want to purify and do not  want to look at? The answer is only one - slowly scouring! Through a  comprehensive analysis of product performance, technology, appearance  and other indicators After that, gradually narrow down the selection surface and eventually find Mr. Right.