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Air purifier helps you to give your family the best home environment
Aug 03, 2018

At present, the air pollution situation is getting worse and worse, it is not to say how dirty the outdoor breathing is, even if it is at home, the air is not clean. Many diseases are caused by too much inferior air inhaled by the nose, so high quality air is especially important. At this time, an air purifier can help you create a clean air environment.

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As a relatively new small household appliance, air purifiers have only become popular in recent years. Everyone is forced by environmental factors and has to choose an air purifier to assist in household cleaning. However, there are still many people who are not aware of the seriousness of air pollution. They think that it is completely unnecessary to buy an air purifier, so please take a look at my analysis and make a decision.

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In fact, everyone has more or less pollutants in their homes. They cannot be completely removed under your overall cleaning, such as flying pollen, pet hair, mold volatilization, furniture formaldehyde, PM2.5 particle pollution, etc. Many "small things" are the "fatal killers" of the human body. Obviously, these pollutants can only be removed by air purifiers, so how to pick the air purifier is the focus of this article.

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For the air purifier, I believe that many people have not been in contact with it, then Le Huojun introduces this "small thing" from the most important two aspects. The first is the working principle of the air purifier, which occupies most of the air purifier, just like its "heart". The second is everyone's misunderstanding of the selection of air purifiers, to literate everyone, pick good things to understand people.



working principle:

The working principle of the air purifier is not complicated. It is not a special high-tech thing. Don't worry that the selection process is cumbersome. Although it is not high-tech, not everyone can do it well. The simpler things, the more worthy of further investigation. In fact, the principle of the air purifier is the same as that of the water purifier, which is achieved by adsorbing, filtering and transforming harmful substances. The core is "filtering."

However, for different pollutants, the working principle and filtering method used by the purifier are different. Purifiers are mainly divided into two categories according to different filtration methods: 1 physical filter (HEPA technology), 2 dust collection technology (TA, ESP technology). But the most widely used is HEPA filter technology. Let's take a look at the various filtering techniques for everyone, so that everyone can see at a glance.


Practical technology:

1. HEPA filter technology: HEPA is a high-density filter. The air is blown through the filter by a fan to intercept particulate matter, dust, bacteria and viruses larger than 2.5 microns in the air, and then the purified air is discharged. It should be noted that the filter must be replaced in time to avoid secondary pollution.

2. activated carbon adsorption technology: through the carbon fiber, the gas molecules in the air are adsorbed on the filter. Mainly used to adsorb and filter second-hand smoke, formaldehyde and so on. (Friendly reminder: the main treatment is formaldehyde, the activated carbon only plays a part of the auxiliary function)

Less practical technology:

1. Electrostatic sterilization technology: Under the closed space, the positive and negative electrodes are emitted by high pressure to kill bacteria in the air. Practicality is not strong.

2. negative ion oxygen technology: practicality is not strong, the market's product marketing components are mostly, the use is not big.

3. photocatalyst dissolution technology: decomposition of organic pollutants in the air, and decomposition of it into carbon dioxide and water, to achieve purification, sterilization, deodorization purposes. Practicality is not strong.