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Accelerate the industrialization of applications in the field of power grids
Feb 15, 2017

Beidou satellite navigation system is developed by China's global satellite navigation system, is the United States after the GPS, Russia GLONASS after the third mature satellite navigation system, both China's important military, civil space strategic infrastructure, but also China's PNT system (ie positioning , Navigation, timing system) an important part of the commitment to the global users to provide high-quality positioning, navigation and timing services. Based on the needs of national security and economic development, as one of the major technologies of power, Beidou system has become an important part of national science and technology development strategy, and its high safety performance, positioning accuracy, high reliability, can be two-way communication Technical advantages, widely used in mapping, telecommunications, water conservancy, transportation, fisheries, exploration, forest fire and national security and many other areas.