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2017 China plans to launch 6-8 Beidou navigation satellite
Feb 15, 2017

Beijing, Jan. 9 (Xinhuanet) - reporter learned from the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office on the 9th, will be completed in 2018 about 18 global network satellite launch, of which 2017 plans to launch 6-8 Beidou navigation satellite.

  Beidou II satellite project was the National Science and Technology Progress Award special award. The experts involved in the project introduced the latest developments in the Beidou satellite navigation system.

  Beidou II satellite project general designer assistant Guo Shuren introduction, Beidou satellite navigation system construction in accordance with the "three-step" strategy, has been built by 14 network satellite and 32 ground station world network operation of the Beidou II satellite navigation System, will soon enter the Beidou III satellite project.

"We have been in the plant to prepare a part of the satellite, plans in 2017 in succession to 'Arrows' in the form of launch." Beidou II satellite engineering satellite system chief architect Yang Hui said, Beidou III satellite launch this summer The